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Loading Guide

Storage Preparation:

Successful transport and storage of your belongings starts with the preparation. While it may seem to provide a cost saving; getting boxes from local shops is often false economy. The boxes will not be of uniform size or strength and will be harder to stack efficiently into your storage unit. Fragile items in boxes need suitable wrapping of paper or bubble wrap, heavier items should go towards the bottom of the box with lighter more fragile items on top. Don't forget to clearly mark which boxes are fragile and which room or person they belong to.

Where possible furniture should be wrapped before moving, paper blankets or corrugated card is ideal for this. Wrapping before moving will prevent abrasions on door frames etc during removal. Once in the storage unit the packing will prevent abrasion and other damage.


The containers will be moved by road and forklift - Items should therefore be secure from falling and or abrasion from the sides of the container and other stored goods.

Furniture should be packed or padded as required - suitable blankets or other covers may be used, corrugated card or paper blankets provide good protection between furniture.

Stack the container with a large or heavy item first, fill out smaller spaces and build around with smaller boxes and other items. Then place the next large item and repeat the process.

White goods and strong furniture can be used to provide base work -with this suitably padded build on top with lighter furniture and other items.

While it may seem a good idea stacking one container with boxes it means having all the awkward shapes, such as dining chairs left for the end - try and fit these in as you load.

Distribute weight evenly in the storage units.

Do Not store:

Flammable liquid: ie: Petrol, Paint thinners, Gas bottlers etc.
Oil, paint or other liquid which could spill or leak causing damage to the container and your

  • Lawn mowers or other machinery which may contain petrol or oil.
  • Perishable items or foodstuffs
  • Fire arms, shot guns, ammunition or controlled substances.

Your responsibilities:

Ensure your storage is suitably packed and protected
Unreasonable damage to the container unit will be charged to the customer.

This notice is for guidance only. For further advice speak to one of our experts direct.

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